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Winter? No, thanks.

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I have this love hate relationship with winter. Well, let’s be honest; it’s mostly hate. As far as Christmas goes, there are mixed emotions there too. Festivities, I do like, and I even had a moment this year when I thought, albeit briefly, how much I LIKE having people show up at my tiny house and dirty all my dishes. 

This is really quite funny because we actually got super lucky and my father-in-law decided he should order Christmas Eve dinner from Florentino's. So there was little for us to do except make a salad, that Ro-Tel cheese dip and a pumpkin pie. We cleaned the house, hid the bodies, and popped open some wine too. Huh. Looky there, we DID do something! But okay it was nothing compared to the trouble most people go through for dinner - especially if you are my mother-in-law who never fails to delight us with a gazillion dishes that would make Rachel Ray look like she must have slept her way to the top. In fact, my new saying around my MIL is “No problem, Lynn. It’s the LEAST I could do - literally.”