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Days Like This

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Today is one of those days when everyone would be better off if I wasn't the Mommy.

Or the wife, for that matter.

If I Had A Left Nut

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jazz night.jpgHey, look. It's me when I had friends.

There are a lot of people in the world who suck. I am particularly annoyed with the ones I know; but I'm sure you know plenty of this "type" I am about to invite to suck my left nut - if I had a left nut, that is.

I knew it wasn't all in my head.

I grew up in Oklahoma. I now live in NJ.
I've gone from a state where everyone at a four way stop begs the other person to go first,
to a state where everyone races to (and floats through) at a four way stop while giving the bird to all three other drivers.

If I had that DELETE button I spoke of, there wouldn't be many people on the parkway after I was out for a drive.