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Coming Down

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Florida was beautiful. I had no idea Orlando was so hip with it's flashy fountains and craftsman style houses backed right up to central downtown. I also did not think through the lack of sun in March. Luckily, however, we did get enough days of deadly UVs for both Mike and I to sunburn a bit. Of course August was thoroughly protected and has not a red patch on her. Just so you know we are good parents. 

Here's a few pictures from our trip - complete with an obligatory shot of my belly on the beach. I am delighted that I have yet to get stretch marks from pregnancy, though Mother Nature has evened out the score by giving me hair that like I am starring in Wayne's World III and a complexion liken to that of a rightfully depressed 14 year old boy. 

But doesn't August look like magic? And I want to eat Mike in his new glasses.

First haircut by Uncle Gio. He has a Salon there.
In the pool with Jenn, Uncle Matt's girlfriend.

2346776802_efbefba78e_m.jpg2346774712_8942d462ea_m.jpgAunt Joanne & Uncle Gio2346774422_695623ce23_m.jpgLunch at the Winter Park Arts Festival2345926951_5517c44ae5_m.jpg
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