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Days Like This

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Today is one of those days when everyone would be better off if I wasn't the Mommy.

Or the wife, for that matter.

If I Had A Left Nut

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jazz night.jpgHey, look. It's me when I had friends.

There are a lot of people in the world who suck. I am particularly annoyed with the ones I know; but I'm sure you know plenty of this "type" I am about to invite to suck my left nut - if I had a left nut, that is.


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aj 0907.jpg

I wish I had the courage to tell my parents, to promise them that little threads of them are sewn into me and my daughter and that I am happy for that.
I wish they could see themselves in my daughter the way I do. Because then they would know that they'll live forever.


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I knew this guy a long time ago named Tony - this small, tweedy Asian guy who had an unwavering, crush on my friend, Candy. He had the dry sense of humor that Hugh Grant cannot even pull. One day we were sitting on Candy's apartment balcony and he sighed and said "So many women, so little time, Penny." 

El Deleto

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I used wish I had a remote to "Mute" things. Today I was thinking it would be great if I had a DELETE button that I could use on people.