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patio set.jpgWe just spent a small fortune on patio/ deck furniture. Guess we better get a patio.

The point of this new ensemble is part of my master plan to create an outdoor living space where me and the other moms in my neighborhood can drink large quantities of alcohol without worrying about spillage on the carpet. Well, sort of, anyway. 

Obviously since three of us are pregnant we wont be drinking anytime soon. But still. we could sit there in the shade of an enormous umbrella, on the plushy cushions and look like we haven't a care in the world except for the raging demands of our toddlers. We would converse because that's what the set is called. It's a conversational set - not a Sleeping Set or a Reading Room. Conversational. I prefer adult talk but you can sit there and converse about anything as long as you aren't doing it with a stupid voice for that of a 5 inch tall stuffed monkey. Throw in some pretty landscaping and a nice sized swing set and I'm in heaven.

And Happy, Happy Mother's Day to me.


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I'm the first to scream at expectant mothers that I want to see a photo of the pregnant belly, so I don't know why it took me so long to get this out there. 
But here is more proof that I am, indeed, quite pregnant and everything is fine. Thanks for asking.
I'm approximately 24 weeks along in these photos.

One side.jpg
24 weeks.jpgfrom the front.jpg