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Rock Bottom

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I had big thoughts to speak of but  just spent the last hour trying to figure out why my Twitter badge (See green square, upper right) displays my quotation marks all screwy. Now I'm exhausted from struggling with discouraged brain cells. And my ass is numb.


Coming Down

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Florida was beautiful. I had no idea Orlando was so hip with it's flashy fountains and craftsman style houses backed right up to central downtown. I also did not think through the lack of sun in March. Luckily, however, we did get enough days of deadly UVs for both Mike and I to sunburn a bit. Of course August was thoroughly protected and has not a red patch on her. Just so you know we are good parents. 

Here's a few pictures from our trip - complete with an obligatory shot of my belly on the beach. I am delighted that I have yet to get stretch marks from pregnancy, though Mother Nature has evened out the score by giving me hair that like I am starring in Wayne's World III and a complexion liken to that of a rightfully depressed 14 year old boy. 

But doesn't August look like magic? And I want to eat Mike in his new glasses.

First haircut by Uncle Gio. He has a Salon there.
In the pool with Jenn, Uncle Matt's girlfriend.

2346776802_efbefba78e_m.jpg2346774712_8942d462ea_m.jpgAunt Joanne & Uncle Gio2346774422_695623ce23_m.jpgLunch at the Winter Park Arts Festival2345926951_5517c44ae5_m.jpg
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Countdown to Florida. Ten hours or so until we hit the road to the Atlantic City Airport. 

Yep!  All clear from the Doc.

And guess what else the Doc said?

Looks like we're having a boy. Holy crappa.

I'll write from the poolside. Be jealous.
I got this idea from Maggie who maybe got the idea from Oprah's magazine. Not sure. Either way, it's long overdue.

1-25 in no particular order:

  1. Buy a vacation house with mt brother and sister
  2. Live in Europe again for at least one year.
  3. Vacation in Australia
  4. Legitimately track my family heritage
  5. Go on a romantic honeymoon with MJ
  6. Have perfectly straight teeth
  7. Run my own business with MJ and at least 4 friends
  8. See a US president elected that I am proud of
  9. Make a video of my family telling our stories
  10. Finish the photo/scrapbooks
  11. Take a Japanese cooking class
  12. Become a hiker
  13. Write and publish 3 books
  14. Properly thank everyone who got me this far (A list in itself)
  15. Cook a kosher Passover meal at my home
  16. See my daughter become a happy adult
  17. Learn to speak Romanian and or German semi- fluently
  18. Have my own art opening
  19. Start and manage PAUSE to pass on to my kids
  20. One last nude photoshoot
  21. Shake Bob Geldof's hand
  22. Organize and host a benefit concert for a children's charity of my choice
  23. Plan my own funeral
  24. Become completely debt free
  25. Throw a huge party for MJ

Numb Buns

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Some people dream of the day when the doctor says "What you need is some rest. I insist that you spend at least the next few days in bed."  And I admit, I was one of those people. Until now.

I've been in bed for approximately 24 hours and I'd give just about anything to be allowed to do something besides surf the internet and watch movies. Do you have any idea how bad daytime TV is?