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Sing Along

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This morning as I was putting away the clean dishes and loading up the old faithful dishwasher, I noticed Miley Cyrus on the TODAY show. Because August has become a fan, I asked her to come in the kitchen and watch the performance with me. She stood there swaying her hips, singing along and for a moment I was hopeful that I would be able to introduce her to other music and that we would share CDs and sing along in the car together. 

Miley sang The Climb and I looked at my little girl, no longer a baby, yet still way too young to know what the words mean. The Climb / The Journey. I'll have to teach her that's what life is about. The day to day is your life, not the series of goals you may or may not reach. Though mommy is very fond of lists, a checklist does not define us, I'll tell her. And then it hit me. She will have goals and dreams - big ones that will have little or nothing to do with me. 

I put some more dishes in the wash so she wouldn't see the tears well up in my eyes. My love for her took my breath away for the thousandth time. 

Mom, if you felt half this love for me, and I'm sure you did, Thank you.