Penny Rene: May 2010 Archives

I can cook. I can. It's just that I can't seem to cook while I have 2 kids tugging at my clothes (literally) to go play, get more juice or the ever popular "Look at this!".  So sometimes I burn things. And sometimes I walk back to my recipe and don't know where I left off. It's a problem.

Most of the time, I am lacking all the ingredients that a recipe suggests. And that's not that big of deal to me because that's how I see most recipes - as suggestions. Unless it's active yeast or sugar - something like that falls into the category of a requirement. I mean, you can't make creamy pesto without cream, right? Wrong.

Everyone else is posting recipes! I'm on it!     PENNE A LA PENNY!!!!

Open the fridge. Search desperately for vegetables.

Throw away the rotted ones. They don't taste great.

Cut up the ones that still look good and don't offend with the stank. Make 'em chunky. In my case I had broccoli, red peppers and onions. Zuchinni is a great staple at our house also.

Saute those veggies in a large skillet with some olive oil, salt and pepper and 3 peeled, crushed garlic cloves.

If you are using onions, throw those in last. Otherwise they get all slimey and over-cooked.

IMG_5373.jpgNow heat up a medium/smallish sauce pan and dump in about 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of pre-made pesto.

 IMG_5376.jpg Have I mentioned that you should be boiling some penne on one of the other burners?

IMG_5372.jpgOK. Do you have anything creamy? Not that. Half n Half? Sour creme? Great. Get a big dollop of that and throw it in with the pesto along with some milk. I might have even added goat cheese to mine. Shhh!

This concoction will turn into pesto creme sauce. It will. I swear. Add Parmesan and salt to taste.

At this point, you should drain the pasta and add it to your big skillet. Then go make sure the kids are not using permanent markers on the sofa. If they look bored, give them Veggie Chips. You know they aren't going to eat anything but the penne anyway.

IMG_5379.jpgMix the pesto sauce into your creation. Add more Parmesan.  Put some on the plate with bagged salad and one of those salad toppers in a bag. (For you amateurs out there, RECYCLE the actual bags as they are not part of the meal.) Decorate with a sesame stick.

Ta da! It looks purty goooood!

If you have some wine, pour yourself a glass or two. Or a beer. Whatever. 

Told ya I can cook. Maybe next time I'll reveal my roast recipe.