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Recently, Penelope Trunk wrote a little piece about turing 30. She's got some good points there, for sure. But I have a different take on this aging thing.

Let me first admit that turning 30 was traumatic for me. I'm mortified to recall my thoughts in the weeks leading up to that birthday. I was an asinine tart regarding the actual celebration with friends and I thank my stars that my good friend Laurie is forgiving. I had resolved myself to a life without passion having thus far used up all my Walks of Shame and would officially be of an age when I should Know Better.  I also believed I was destined to a life without marriage. I had only days prior watched my best male friend go back to the UK, knowing that our Next Best Thing romance was not likely to pan out. 

If only I could stand to identify myself with religion, a nunnery would have been my next step.


Watch This!

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Thanks to Netflix I watch TV again. Only I do it two or three episodes at a time, whenever the kids actually go to sleep in their own beds and I am still awake enough to hold my iPad. So... not often.

But still. There are two shows that I have found fantastically funny and I wanted to share them with my American friends who may not know that there is entertainment beyond the horrible Sex and The City Movies and John Stewart. If you are bored with the same old crap that comes out of LA these days (excluding Showtime series, of course) please do yourself a favor and look up these two comedies from the BBC. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.


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