And Here We Are

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Welcome back, friends, aquaintences, select family and exes.

This will be my new home. A bit empty at the moment, yes. But MJ will be popping in and out from time to time making design changes, spiffing the place up. Meanwhile, I guess I could explain why I have a new internet home and what you can expect in the months to come here at Slow Motion Race.

I left my old site because I had let too many people know about it who could not .... did not....felt like....were...
MJ's family and friends were reading the old blog and they just didn't get it. There.
All these years I've taken it for granted that people who know me and read what I write realize they don't have to believe in or even care about every word I say. Well, that was nice while it lasted. When new family, who do not have the benefit (or burden) of knowing my history came into play, things got very complicated. 

So I took a much needed break. I would love to tell you that I went on vacation, found a guru and practice yoga daily now as to keep myself from getting bitchy or sad. But really, I just spent a lot of time wishing I had said this or that on my blog or that I had the time to mold my many ideas into a book. 

If you know me, you know I have to write. Going into hiding (writing under another name) is something I considered. But that would foil my dream to lay on my deathbed someday and not be able to think of anything I wish I had said. No one lays there dying , thinking "I wish I had been more reserved and conservative, do they? Besides, I like myself so much more when I am being honest, even if that honesty gets under other people's skin.

As for what to expect from me now; I have given that a lot f thought. I have mapped out pages of what I want to do with this site and what I want to say. So I want you to know that you should expect nothing. Seriously, don't put any expectations on, around or near me.  I'm going to write and you can read or not read. You can comment or not comment. Sometimes there might be true insight here. Other days, not so much. It might be literary genius, or it might be a dull rambling. 

I should probably pump it up and promise to change your way of thinking and entertain you until you scream "You are TOO much!" But let's not ruin it straightaway. Let's just relax; get a nice pace going, shall we?

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