Blogging Is The New Weed

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Blogging is the new weed.

weeds.pngI'm serious. I watched my first episode of Weeds last night. I've realized that there are many people who cannot decipher the differences between speaking your mind on a public blog and smoking it up in the parking lot.

Sure, I am careful now about to whom I reveal this blog. That's because you can never trust half the people reading it to give you the benefit of the doubt with the jokes. And you can never count on the other half to call you when you are not joking.

You write exactly what you're thinking? John in Cubicle 33 might read it. My MIL might read this. Yep. She might. But it's my addiction. I'm not hurting anybody. You can't find trouble unless you go looking for it.

Sincerely, you 'aint seen nuthin yet.

ps- Someone once told me I look like a cross between Mary-Louise Parker and Madeline Stowe. Thank you.

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