Slow Motion Race

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If I were to tell you my life story up to this point, you would be amazed and confused at the twists in plot and the diverse characters. You would probably be nice and tell me I am lucky to have seen so much, done so much and been so many places. But secretly, you would wonder how the hell a presumably average girl lived this life. Is it all true? Secretly, you would ponder my mental stability. I don’t blame you.

But you should consider the well known cliche' that truth is often stranger than fiction. And there are people who believe that life is not mostly cake and butterflies. Life is unpredictable. The only thing you can count on is that nothing stays the same. Life, by it's own definition, is movement. And there is no formula, no religion, no amount of hope, truth or even madness that can guarantee one result over another.

But life does happen so fast, doesn't it? People are so busy, always rushing, pushing. Does the fastest person win? Do you want to guess who will be the first among your friends to get to the End of life first? Is there a prize for that?

Me, I am trying to make the best of it. I am stoping along the way here and there to bear witness, I guess. I report from the thick of it, for the hell of it.

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