Two And A Half Years

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tent1.jpg(She'll make a mockery of all my teen angst.)

Our Thanksgiving holiday at my sister's house was great, thank you.

But a strange thing happened when I saw my brother. I cried.

Since the day I became pregnant with my daughter the "Tears" switch has flipped on. That was nearly two and a half years ago. That's also when I last saw my brother. I was barely pregnant at our family reunion and didn't know it.

Before this there were two expressions of mine that were familiar to my family:
Stoic and Agitated.

Unfortunately, I am still often both those things. But now I am also:
Eternally Thankful and Crazy and Forgetful and Giddy and Weepy.

I am a whole new set of dwarfs waiting for my own soon-to-be-canceled sitcom.

I don't know what happened. My brother walked in the door and all I could think of was how long it had been - too long. I was so happy to see him I couldn't help but cry. Seriously, I was struggling -angry with myself even.

That, folks, is the way I am now. If you knew from my life before - I feel obligated to tell you that I can no longer hold my shit together. I think after this last episode, I should just accept it.

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