All Over Again

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slide.jpgWow, those holidays just fly by!

To celebrate the end of 2007, MJ and I decided to spend our NYE and first hours of 2008 waking up every hour or so to suck the snot out of our daughters runny nose, listen to her cough and generally feel sorry for her. Okay, so MJ did most of the getting up part, but I did feel bad and I was only immobile due to nausea brought on by a greasy cheeseburger at dinner. But still.

Yay 2008! 

Every year I have made grand resolutions. Many I have kept and many I have not. For the first time ever, when MJ asked me what my 2008 resolutions were, I really wasn't sure. I don't have much of a plan. At first this made me feel slightly sorry for myself. What have I devolved to? But now I'm thinking that maybe I don't have much of a plan for 2008 because I am not that displeased with 2007. 

NY resolutions usually come from that nagging voice inside my head that says "Don't screw up this year like you did last year!" But last year was kinda nice. So instead of loading myself down with a To Do list this year, I just have one area of myself that I will work on. 

At the risk of sounding totally void of faith in others: This year I resolve to rely on no one but myself to do the things I want to do.

Last year I worked hard to make new friends and ended up with some very unreliable acquaintances plugged into my cell phone. I also didn't do many many things I wanted to do because I was hoping to have a friend or family member do those things with me. You know - take a class, go to the beach, work on a project. I know it sounds entirely pessimistic, but I realize now that this IS the life I have here. I can't wait on others anymore. I just have to live the way I want and if I make friends along the way that would be awesome. If I don't make friends - that would be unawesome but acceptable because at least I won't be sitting on my ass wishing I had spent more time at the beach. 

Mike's resolution is "Less talk, more rock".  I inevitably think of my old personalized license, "Live It". He's already been snowboarding alone.

What's your resolution for 2008? Really? Why?

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