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I got a few political-ish emails the other day from a close friend of mine who lives far away. We both grew up in Oklahoma and have similar backgrounds. However...

Our current political preferences appear to be as far apart as our zip codes. It never occurred to me that my political conclusions would be so different from this particular friend. I read her email and I was all "Huh! That's wild."

Thoreau said,  If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. 

I don't think I'm pushy regarding my opinions on the US or our government or the role of the people. I do have this little blog, however and those who visit know that I sometimes say how I feel regarding those issues. However....
And this is a BIG HOWEVER. When someone's political views differ form mine, it doesn't enter my mind that this person may be less intelligent or selfish or whatever. My first thought in that circumstance is that this other person has a different view of the situation and likely valid reasons for coming to different conclusions than my own. 

Being from Oklahoma I can easily see the conservative and Republican point of view. Having lived in southern California and Jersey, I can totally understand the liberal and Democratic way of thinking. I am registered for nether party, but this year I plan to vote for Barak Obama. I say that, not because I'm interested in convincing you to vote for him, but so that you will know I do have an opinion and that I'm not ashamed of my choice.

This year, there will be a lot of people who refuse to talk politics. You need not be concerned with those who do not share your views or prefer not to join in a debate. Just be glad they do have an opinion and do vote accordingly.  

It is those with no opinion at all who worry me. Those who don't educate themselves enough to vote for the candidate they align with. Those are the people who will later cry for help because Washington is unable to read the minds of the silent.

Here is a great website that will help you start your presidential selection process. (And it IS a process) You might be surprised at your results. Another easy way to learn is just to visit some of your favorite candidates websites and read their views regarding the issues that are important to you. It cuts out a ton of the crap that CNN will try to suffocate you with in the next nine months. 

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