Where The Sun Don't Shine!

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Pacific.jpgWhen the other blogs complain of snow I play the miniature violin and whisper curses to the authors. Oh yeah? Try living in NJ. You like to complain about weather? Bring your ass here and have a ball. Snow? That's just a tease. Here, we like to freeze our asses off, but snow is for tender hearted wusses. 

I can't count the number of times I have been teased about my inability to tolerate the NJ weather. People act like I'm lying when I say I'm cold. Sometimes I want to shove a fist-full of California sand down their throats.  I mean, I see people going to the post office in just a sweater and jeans. In my car, I'm wearing a hat, scarf and gloves with the heat cranked up.

I've always hated the cold weather and I knew early on that I should be living in a warmer climate.  That's one of the main reasons I moved to southern California. Duh. But then life brought me here to a place where the cold weather is not even softened by snow.I think it is God's way of having a laugh and saying "Look, you were just too happy there! It made me look like I play favorites!"

And so this post is just my way of saying to God. "You're not funny."

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