Don't Tell Me What I Cannot Do

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In the last four days Hillary Clinton totally made me feel good about my continual support of Obama.

Look, as politicians go, I think Hilary is OK. I know she means well and I gotta give her credit for persistency.  She is an intelligent person with great plans and I do hope she sees them through. And the truth is, I feel bad about her current situation. Clearly, it should have been she who was our president, not Bill. But the fact is, Bill was. Was he ever! Try as I might, I cannot forget the embarrassment I felt as an American overseas when his shit hit the fan. It felt like I was literally walking around with that shit on my face and I had to endure the stares and commentary of people in 3 countries. I had no defense. This, along with he and Hillary's ability to attract suspicion and stir up other legal scandal is something I cannot forget.

And then, after all the work she put into this campaign for nomination, she wraps it up with angry, unfounded bitching about Obama and his supporters. Seriously? She may not like his slogan, his positive attitude, his ability to make us believe in our country again, but can't she at least admit that it's working? 

Obama has united people who would not have otherwise looked in the same direction for fear of being called pussies by schoolyard bullies. He has brought out people to vote and participate in the democratic process who a year ago were thinking of moving to Canada. He has helped educate those who before would not have bothered to watch the debates. For all her experience and all her plans, Hillary cannot do this. And unfortunately for her, right now, this is what this country wants.

Even Hillary supporters can not say they are surprised by her recent outbursts. On the platform she looks like an angry kid who is starting to realize he will not get the ice cream he's been asking for. I cannot help but think that she is decreasing her chances of "getting things done" in Washington as a Senator or otherwise because she cannot hold her anger long enough to make people want to work with her. Do you want to sit on a committee with her when your ideas are different than hers? I don't. She gives the impression she won't listen, that she is as narrow minded as she complains the current administration to be. 

I think I might be disappointed in Senator Clinton. I wanted her to be stronger, better, to rise above. I wanted to believe what she said at the end of the last debate on CNN. But instead she sends the message that she thinks me to be irrational, unfocused and downright unrealistic to believe that a person with great plans, a strong history of community service who is a family man in all the right ways can make a good national leader. Frankly, Hillary looks like just another skeptic in the face of progress and greatness. All I hear from her is, "You guys are crazy! You can't do this." 

How can I respond with anything thing less than "Yes, WE CAN" ? 

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