Lily White Dreams

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We're thinking about leaving.

Okay, so it's just for a three or four day weekend, but WOW it felt nice to say that.

If you could see out my window right now you'd tell us to leave. If you could see my face, you'd pay for my vacation. You'd pat me on the shoulder and say, "Look girl, go get some sun. Relax for once in your damn life." Because, I'm telling you, nobody likes me when I'm this pale.

When I was a little girl, I had a bad dream one night. My mom came into my room to comfort me and she told me that whenever I can't get to sleep that I should think of something that I like and imagine I am doing that. She suggested I think about my birthday and imagine that I am having a party. Since then, I have become an expert daydreamer - at night. And it helps me get to sleep. 

For the last, oh maybe four months, I have been imagining myself on a warm beach with Augs and MJ. The sun is  healing me like the fountain of youth and not a centimeter on my body is remotely chilly. I look fabulous. August is potty trained and MJ has been surfing every morning. In this dream we have no plans to return to NJ or cold weather again. A butler is bringing us lunch, and I do not feel even slightly self conscious about this.  This daydream works better than NyQuil. 

So you can imagine my fear and dread since MJ suggested we get away for a few days. I am now bound up in my goal to make it happen. This cannot be a tease. With drool on my chin my pale, sunken eyes are searching the friendly skies for the cheapest tickets to Florida available. And my slack, lily white ass is preparing itself to renew it's tan lines.

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