My Big Brother

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56187274_512f2b3984.jpgToday is my big brother's birthday. He's 44, but he sure doesn't act like it. That means that he has accomplished one of his goals - to always be a kid. I salute you, Jim! Swingin' single with a motorcycle and still skinny!

So, this is the post where I tell you how much I love my brother. I challenge you to deny he is the best after reading this.

He makes a great breakfast. Best omelets. The first one who could get me to eat pancakes.
He is SO laid back. No matter what have done or what happens, he's all smiles and shrugs. Life goes on. Relax. 
He was that brother who would kick your ass if you messed with his sisters. He still is.
He's generous. Would give me his last dime. 
His ex-in-laws STILL love him. Not many people can say that.
His children are all compassionate, funny & smart. I hope I can say that when my kids are grown.
Kids LOVE him. He's just got that touch.
He took care of, not one, but TWO of my cats when I was overseas.
He forgave my mom for dressing him in ridiculous outfits when we were kids. (See below)
He's sensitive. He cries. Real men cry. 
He's a car wizard. Never owned an automobile he didn't improve.
He's a great boyfriend. Falls in love, gets hurt, hasn't stopped trying. He gets that from our Grandpa GE.
He provided me with some of my BEST childhood stories. Stealing the Family Nova, Running From the Cops, The BB Gun & Jack, Pizza on the Floor, and many others.
He thinks my sister and I can do no wrong. Don't correct him on that.
I've always looked up to him and I always will. 

I love you, Jim.

Be good.


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