Dangerous Bird

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Some of you may remember these lovely Italian chairs that I recovered last summer for my kitchen. 

They turned out rather nice and I have received enough compliments on them to justify the cost and the sticky spray paint feeling that remained on my hands for days after. Unfortunately, the chairs should have come with a warning label that read : Children will break their kneecaps when this chair tips over from the slightest lean. 

August has already fallen twice from sitting in one of the chairs backwards. Another time I think she merely tilted her head at an angle and the chair tipped over with her in it. The whole chair and child come crashing down. Sadness everywhere. Most recently she came crashing down on a ceramic plate that was full of paint. We had been painting on the kitchen floor and the back of the chair broke the plate into many, many pieces. 

I'm not sure why this needs to be told to the blog-world except that now we are in need of very cheap, very sturdy, stylish chairs. I'm not sure IKEA is the answer since our previous chairs (also unstable) were from there, but I'm willing to listen.

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