Calling All Artsy Problem Solvers

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This is the wall by my back door. Our house was built in the mid to late 1800's and there are plenty of weird spots like this in the house but this one wins for being the spot that we hate because... well, look at it. I want you to know that I did NOT pain the kitchen this color. So that will be changing very soon. Also the floor - God help the person who laid this awful linoleum down if I ever meet them. Wood floors are in our future as well. Meanwhile, what I need help with Internet, is this - 

1)How do I display my children's art without... THIS? 

2)And handle recycling.... That's what those white bins are. And they fill up FAST!

3) I also will still need a place to hang the school bags - simply because there just isn't enough room by the front door and we only use those bags three times a week.

I need photos. I need links. If you come up with something awesome, I will sing your praises round the globe.

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