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I've recently gotten into Penelope Trunks blog. It's a blog of career advice, which is a bit like me reading the courses of study at Strathclyde University. But I do that too (still) so it's not that weird. 

Penelope's' posts are enjoyable for me to read because she really cuts to the point and writes in such a way that I don't feel my time is wasted. She leaves out a lot of the hand holding and politically correct sentence formations in favor of speaking what's really on her mind. I totally love this. I totally get her. And she totally has Aspergers.

She does. Have Aspergers that is. I'm bringing this up because, frankly, it interests me. I don't know a lot about Aspergers. Just the basics of Wiki and Google. I know that for many people it sucks. But Penelope is making it work for her and I am benefiting from it. If anything, she might be the first blogger that I've read who I find refreshing and familiar at the same time. So, being me, it occurred to me that the similarities could be more than that.  I'm not kidding. I took a few online tests and I guess, in my very unprofessional opinion, I am closer to the Asperegers diagnosis than I would have thought. 

I am not suggesting I have Aspergers. It's a serious thing - I get that. Nor am I suggesting that having Aspergers is some sort of cool thing to be associated with. I am simply saying that Penelope- I love her blog for more than educational purposes. I appreciate her style.

I've always wished that people could say what they are really thinking, that the code of being "nice" could be loosened up a bit. I'm the kind of person who loves it when someone tells chatty movie patrons to shut the hell up because they are being rude. (Hi Heather!) I appreciate friends who tell me they don't want to go do something with me because they don't feel like it, rather than making up a bullshit excuse. I HATE pretend friendships and pointless dialogue. 

I don't think that putting an end to some of these wasteful social rituals has to mean that people are rude. I mean, what is more rude than lying and wasting someone's time? 

My friend Heather's son Jackson has Aspergers. I took some cupcakes over to their house last Valentines Day and before they had been on the counter a minute, he asked for one. I loved that. You want a cupcake, ask me for one! I didn't bring them for us to stare at. I feel the same way when I make a meal for my family. If you come to my house and you don't like what I cook, please just say so. Don't suffer through. I didn't ask you over to suffer through my cooking.

When did lying get to be a form of being polite? How is that helpful?

Penelope Trunk has a new book out, btw. She should totally send me a copy for free for writing this. 

On that note, if you don't like reading my blog, don't read it. Very simple. (:

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