Get OUT!

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My sister and I took a much needed weekend away to gain some focus. For those of you unfamiliar with the life of a stay at home mom, that means we drank adult beverages, slept in, and and enjoyed full control of the TV remote. We watched Hangover 2 at normal volume. I showered with the door closed. I wore bling when we went out to dinner. Alone. It was very nice.

Of course, being the digital age, and being the slaves to our media that we are, we documented every meal, every drink along the way via Twitter and Facebook. Because somehow it didn't really happen unless I took my internet friends along for the ride. 
As I write now, I can hear my friends John Laney and Stephanie Connor, screaming at me to take a real vacation and leave the damn phone off. You have your ways. I have mine.

Anywho, it was really good to be with my sis. To be with someone who laughs at herself the way I laugh at her/myself.  I mean there is no one who can make you feel quite as sane as your sibling can. Those habits that mom passed on to us... Such as flipping our husbands the bird when they leave the room, researching people from our past and the ever annoying struggle to convince our children that we are NOT SLAVES; well, knowing I am not the only one in this makes me feel all warm inside. Or maybe that was the Chardonnay. 

But the best moment for me was when Alice told me a story about our dad giving a pair of her socks to a girl who was walking past our house on the way to school one winter. 

One morning when we were kids, dad asked my sister for a pair of her socks. He didn't tell her why. But she gave him a pair and he walked out our front door to a gradeschooler who was standing in our yard. Dad helped the girl remove her shoes and he put my sisters socks on her bare feet then sent her on her way. When Alice asked him why he did that, he simply said that it was because it was cold and she didn't have socks and my sister had plenty. 

My dad tells a lot of stories. He's got some good ones. But I have never heard this one. 

This Thanksgiving month, as every month, week and day of the year I am thankful for family. For al the small things that create that unbreakable, unique bond. 

I am also thankful for every friend who believed my status update this morning that suggested me or Alice would ever be caught dead in a pair of stilletos.

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