Play Fair

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IMG_0494.JPGMy greatest interest beyond my children is transpersonal psychology so navigating social networks like Facebook is a challenge I enjoy. This machine with the screen allows me to have relationships with many people I would not otherwise know, specifically, friends from my hometown and friends from other places very far away from where I now live. I have to tell you internet friends - The majority of you... Well, we are not alike.
I read your strong opinions and I am often in awe of your willingness to throw each other into the fire. Strong negative judgement abounds. Probably the subject in which the most disrespect and child-like anger is exposed is when you speak of politics. Second only to that is religion, which makes perfect sense since our views of politics are fueled by our sense of purpose and our moral code. 

Civil societies have rules. Much as we hate it, there has to be respect, a system, a guide to follow in order to be heard. When you are disrespectful to the Office of the President of The United States, when you believe and shout that your way of worship is the only “right” way or the only way that should be allowed to flourish and deserves more media time, more attention in public arenas, you are hammering away at the very foundations of what made our states united, what made our country separate and apart form all the others.

I am a mother of two young children. Every day I try to make my children feel special and unique while making sure they understand that does not mean that they are excused from common courtesy, duties and hard work. We play games and I teach my children that while winning is fun, losing is part of the process. I don’t let them say ugly things about the other players. I don’t let them cheat even if they swear everyone else is cheating. I tell them they are fortunate to be able to play, that sometimes you lose because you need more practice. Sometimes you lose because that’s just the way life is. And when you win, you share the reward, you share the joy. It all seems so basic, but maybe we are a generation who never learned how to play fair.

But again, here we are all together on this playground anyway.  

In light of the 2012 election, I felt I better explain where I stand. 

Do not come to me with your stories about how your rights have been violated, saying this is your excuse to violate right back. That’s not how it works.

Don’t tell me you admire Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when you fail to practice what he preached.

Don’t stand behind the story of Jesus or Muhammed or Buddha (or anyone else) unless you fully understand the history of the religion and the current message of it. 

Understand that focusing on someone else's negatives will not draw others to your side.

Don’t assume that if I’m not wearing your uniform, that I won’t cheer for you, care about you and respect you.

My interest is in truth. My method is love. It’s the only method that attracts me. If you disagree with what I say, and want to explain why, the only chance you have of getting through to me would be to use logic, respect and consistency. 

It also happens to be the only way you will be heard on a greater scale too. 

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