10 Things You May Not Know About Me

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It's almost bedtime so I'm resorting to a LIST tonight. Enjoy. Chuckle. Feel smug if you already knew them all.

1) A very long time ago, in a land where many of you live, I did the high jump in a track meet and jammed my pinky, ending my shot at the gold medal someday.

2) The act of smoking or being a "smoker" is something I have never understood. If I have an unfair intolerance of something- it's that. Honestly, I feel bad about my reaction when someone tells me they smoke. You'd think they just told me they eat bloody kittens for fun. I'm sorry, smokers!

3) I still am shocked when someone I actually like un-friends me on Facebook. I may be a left-leaning agnostic, but it's not like I smoke, geez.

4) While I LOVE NYC, it's not my dream to live in the city. To have an extra apartment in the city, yes. But I need space. Lots of it.

5) I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican either. 

6) My very first online screen name was Snowite. Yes, spelled just like that. 

7) I have a very hard time lying. Which also means I can come off as being tactless. I'm willing to put up with some people thinking I'm an asshole if it means I won't have to lie.

8) I view people who don't like me with avid curiosity, not anger. Clearly, they do not know me and fail to appreciate my efficiency and honest charm. 

9) I'm a terribly sassy drunk. That's why I rarely drink and always stop after three.

10) Often, when someone is telling me about a problem I think, "Been there, done that." Unless they are talking about drugs. Then I'm all "WTF? GET OUT!"

Alright now. I've shared. I feel way better. 

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