100 words

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Yesterday I was thinking about how I used to participate in that project and how good it was for me. I used to write much more. Much, much more. And when I write here I either get silence or some flack about how I don't do it often enough. That's fair enough, I guess. But not very inspirational.

I thought maybe I could start committing to 100 words every day. Then I remembered I am lucky enough to write at all so counting those words may push me over the edge. So, I'm going to see how just a commitment to write every day turns out. I'm going to tell you now not to expect the usual. That shit is long. These coming entries will probably be more like, "Blah" and possibly even confusing unless you have known me a long time. 

I don't advise my relatives on either side read this. In fact, I wish I could erase the site from your memory. But if I did that I'd have start anew. Again. And I'm too old and tired for that. So, here is your grain of salt. Shh.

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