Our Tree Named Steve

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The other night I was reading this book to the kids at bedtime and I started crying. Uncontrollable, tear dropping, crying. For those of you who think this is about my high school crush - Gotcha! Nope. It's about a tree.
Here is the line that broke me:

"Through the years Mom and I have tried to show you, in a world filled with strangers, the peace that comes from having things you can count on and a safe place to return to after a hard day or a long trip."

My place that I counted on when I was a kid was 804 Willowbrook Drive in Midwest City, Oklahoma. And when we left that place when I was 13, I never felt quite at home any place after until now. But what made me cry is the knowledge that this isn't the place we will stay to watch our kids grow up. We hoped it would be, but we were wrong. We have no official move date, no finalized plans. We just know that the house is to small, the neighborhood not a good fit, and the cost of living too high. 

My husband says home is wherever we are. This is true on many levels. But he knows what I am talking about. He grew up in the most wonderful home. It has creaky wood floors, large trees, a creek, room to run and delicious smells always coming form the kitchen. His parents still live in that house about 7 miles from here. Hell, when we visit, it's hard for me to leave! 

I've moved a lot in my life and I credit some good parts of who I am to that. But I don't want my kids to move around much at all. They are not me. And I am not married to a military guy like my dad. I want a tree for a treehouse and shade. I want to live in the house that is big enough to accommodate in-laws and siblings of all sizes. It doesn't have to be new. It doesn't even have to be pretty- at first. It just has to be a place we can count on.
But just in case the Universe is listening; it wouldn't hurt if that place had a pool. We'll name it George.

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