Well Somebody Is Going To Regret This

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My computer is being very crotchety and slow. Sometimes I have flashbacks to dial-up internet. In Romania. In 1995. So Mike has made a nice little plan to fix that. Meanwhile, here I am at 9 PM, realizing I haven't blogged my once a day blog. And fack-all if I have nothing on my mind now except television shows I'd like to be watching or a bed I'd like to be laying in.

Asher had the realization today that one day he will actually drive a car. When he is BIG he will have his own car. He nearly crapped himself when that sunk in. He also did a curious thing while on the crapper today. He cried FOR THE CAMERA.  I kid you not.

When he was about 2 years old he had this bizarre crying fit when I gave him a slice of cheese and it tore while he was trying to eat it. He is very specific about how he likes his cheese and chocolate. They both have to be served in undamaged squares. I do my best, but this day he was tired and all hell broke lose when that cheese slice came apart. He was crying and being delirious so I did what I do best. I recorded it to show to him at a later date and also to share with family. That clip still makes me laugh.

So today when I brought him upstairs for an um, poop, he got really upset that I was probably going to have to change his underpants and just started wailing. I mean, full, no holding back, tears. Loud. Loud as the day is long. He really had no reason to be so upset so I knew he was tired. This was a cry about his needing more uninterrupted sleep, his allergies and his struggle with independence than it was about the task at hand. It struck me as so hysterical because while he was doing this I was having a normal adult conversation with my friend, Charlie via text. Asher is screaming and I suddenly get the idea. "We should get this on video." He stopped crying like an actor on set; smiled and said OK.

This is our 2nd take. Behind the camera I encouraged him to let lose and ham it up. He did. Now we either need to call an agent or a therapist.

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