With a Side of Toxins

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I went to the mall today to pick up some face cream. After the very knowledgeable sales associate helped me find what I was looking for (a certain creme that won't make my skin angry, won't give me cancer and will beat back wrinkles like an angry possum protecting her babies) I was just about to leave with my little sample when I stopped, looked over the store and asked "Do you have a list of which products you sell that DO NOT contain parabens? I know lots of them say 'natural', but that's kind of not true, right?"
She knew exactly what I was talking about and proceeded to point out all the lines which really are natural and don't contain carcinogens. 

I think it kind of pisses people off when I do stuff like this. I've heard over and over the line "Everything causes cancer!" And I get it. I get that it's hard and sometimes annoying and inconvenient to change what you are buying and look out for yourself and the environment. 

I buy a lot of things that are out of the "norm" these days. And sometimes I'd like to just go to Target and buy the same shit everyone else buys because it's like RIGHT THERE in front of me for a mere $3.99, or whatever. But then I think about the fact that people used to think smoking was OK too. They used to think the world was flat. I remember that many big companies don't give a crap about me, my kids, the quality of my life. And I remember that I am responsible for myself. Nobody else will take care of me as good as me.  

Sure, we are all going to die someday, but I'm hoping that in the last half of my life I will have a better chance of being healthy-ish than it would if didn't make these better choices. I'm not trying to be the goody police or get kudos for doing the "right" thing. In truth, I'm just selfish and want to live longer, look younger and be able to chase "those neighbor kids" out of my yard with a switch.

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