A Good Day

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  • Today is the day after my dad's latest major surgery since he won his battle with colon cancer 10 years ago. He is alive, cranky and still cancer free.
  • My daughter had her kindergarten celebration today. She was fantastic.
  • The laundry is mostly done.
  • There is a cool breeze coming through our windows. No one is cold. No one is hot.
  • I caught both my children sitting in front of the stereo singing along to FM radio just as I did in front of that same exact stereo 35 years ago. (It's a vintage floor model Panasonic)
  • The house is practically clean.
  • There is plenty of food in the fridge.
  • I'm feeling no pain.
  • I have taken no medication to be pain free.
  • Summer is just around the corner.
  • A bird just pooped on my neighbors car that he insists on parking directly in front of my house.
  • I could make this list longer, but I know better.
It's a good day. A very good day.

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