Rocky Road

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We name ours cars. Mike and I both got into this habit before we met. And many, many times, I have realized this was a mistake now that we have kids. Why? Because cars come and cars go.

When they were very small, back in NJ, we sold Mike's old Pathfinder, who had been known as Lucy Car by our kids since they were born. It was very traumatic for them. August, especially, was not happy with us even though we explained that Lucy would be well cared for by her new owners.

Lucy, the one that started it all

The next car to go was Rocket Car, a 2008 Honda CRV. He was traded in for Rocket Car II, his younger, slightly sleeker, brother, a 2012 CRV. Again, not an easy task - to let go of Rocket, even if he would be "happier with a new family". 

This weekend it was time for Rocket Car II to move on as we were given a good deal on a 2015 Honda Pilot. The kids knew this had been the plan for a while and had even been saying that we needed a bigger car so that we could shuttle around their friends after ball games, parties and school. But when it came time to get all of our things out of the CRV and say our goodbyes, the tears flowed again. The worst part was when I mildly joked "Thanks for taking us all across the country to California, Rocket Car!" and then proceeded to choke up with ugly crying face in front of both kids. 

Saying Goodbye to Rocket II
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Last night Mike picked up the Pilot from the dealership and we took it for a quick drive around the block. I was considering saying that we would not name this car, that it's time we came to grips with the fact that cars don't have feelings. But these kids love family. They love idea of family, the people that make a family - all of it. A car is no exception to them and who am I to judge? After all, the new car is Now called Rocky Road and I think he's really going to like carting us around.

Welcom to the family, Rocky Road!
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