Penny Rene: January 2011 Archives

This is the wall by my back door. Our house was built in the mid to late 1800's and there are plenty of weird spots like this in the house but this one wins for being the spot that we hate because... well, look at it. I want you to know that I did NOT pain the kitchen this color. So that will be changing very soon. Also the floor - God help the person who laid this awful linoleum down if I ever meet them. Wood floors are in our future as well. Meanwhile, what I need help with Internet, is this - 

1)How do I display my children's art without... THIS? 

2)And handle recycling.... That's what those white bins are. And they fill up FAST!

3) I also will still need a place to hang the school bags - simply because there just isn't enough room by the front door and we only use those bags three times a week.

I need photos. I need links. If you come up with something awesome, I will sing your praises round the globe.

I don't know why but everyone seems to be running lately. Have you noticed this? From my sister, to Brooke to Marty. I feel the pressure!!! And I am caving!

I think that when your kids get old enough to outrun you that's when you should start training. Or maybe it's when the desire to run far far away from your troubles peaks. Or perhaps it's when, as is my case, you pass a full length mirror at the mall and wonder who that muffin top is looking back at you. 

To be fair, I am not fat. Not overweight is more accurate. But, lawd, if my Wii Fit is right, I am just not as strong as I used to be. I could use some *cough* training in the area of physical fitness. Okay, I need a total body makeover.

So my sister, who hates working out as much as I do, says running is fun. She also thinks scrapbooking is fun. And church. So I consulted Brooke. Brooke says running sucks. That's more like it. Running is probably going to suck for a while. 

It might surprise you to know that I used to be into running, just for the sake of running, back in college. I ran around the neighborhood behind Oklahoma Christian and trotted right over to the baseball diamond to flirt with the players while wearing my cute little blue running shorts. And I liked it. I liked the speed and the sweat and... but enough about baseball. Back then, running was easy. I had all the time in the world and I just tied my shoes and went. Now, well now it will take nothing short of a miracle to make this happen on a regular basis. So why am I doing it?

I'm turning 40. And while I could buy a new face and a new pair of boobs if I want to, I cannot buy time once it's gone. If I am going to ever get back to running and a shapely toned body, it's now. Besides, it might be the only excuse I have right now to buy a new pair of shoes.

So, here's where you come in. Many of you are turning 40 this year too or already did. And we've talked about getting together. We've talked about getting in shape. Finding our Zen. So, let's do this TOGETHER!  

Shelley, wipe that smirk off your face. Marty, stop gloating. I am being totally fair with my guilt trip. See, I haven't started running yet. I haven't even bought the shoes. So we could do this together every step of the way. And then, in seven or eight months we get together, run a puny little HALF MARATHON and spend the evening drinking and celebrating!!!!!  YAY!  Did I forget to mention that earlier? 


I don't even know what training program I'm going to use but I imagine it will have to be one that involves a lot of painkillers. That's the beauty of me declaring this now. We can choose all the steps - even what marathon we will run - together. That way I can text you after every run and complain. Or you can text me, whatever.

So who's with me? If I tagged you in this post on Facebook, I am totally inviting you to do this with me. Sersly. 

Think of how much fun this could be. In September we all get together and drag ourselves across the finish line. It will be like the SATs, only I will be there with you. And even if you give up running after that, you can spend the rest of your days rolling your eyes at the fit women around you muttering "I ran a marathon, bitch. uh huh. I did."

Here's some visual inspiration:


Please don't make me post the photos of women who DON'T get any exercise...

Here's a few half marathons I thought might work:

The Salinas Valley Half  (for the wine lovers)

This COULD BE an amazing thing we do together. But it's up to you to join me. Who's in?