Feeling Swell

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swellshoest.jpg I have reached a time in my life when teenagers do look ridiculous to me. But the skirts at Ann Taylor look equally absurd. Of course, I reached this point bout five years ago, but I am just now putting it in writing.

On Saturday I did a little shopping at PacSun. Got some shirts, a sweater and a belt. (Cool belt with a rising sun stamped into it) And I've been thinking about how a person's style develops over the years.

In truth, I would say my style hasn't changed that much in 10 years. But since what is offered to me in the stores has changed, I go with the flow a bit, buying new variations of the same simple theme. But I hav erealized this pattern is more out of neccessity than desire.

I'm not into spending a lot of money on clothes. It just seems so wasteful. I somehow managed to subscribe myself to Style magazine a few months ago and the issues only serve to remind me how far a person can be removed from reality when too much money is available to them. Don't ever ask me about Paris, Lindsey or Brittany. You will regret it.

But a lot of money isn't what's needed to achieve the styles I most enjoy. Confidence is. As it is now, I wear the basics - jeans, shirt, shoes, some jewelrey. I go for comfort and I throw in some kooky shoes or scarves or a belt to give hint to my personal style. I like to think of my wardrobe as Reliable with a Splash of Vodka. (Vodka because it makes me insane) It's safe - most of the time.

But the style that I really admire and feel best reflects my personality isn't what I wear. The things I'd like to wear are .... just different.

And I was thinking... I bet a lot of people feel this way. And it made me curious. What's a style that really suits you? If money and career and lifestyle were not in the way, how would you dress?

Me? Maybe I'd go for these juicy little numbers:

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