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Prepare yourself for a completely unemotional, yet useful,  post. 

It took me a year and a half, but I finally recovered my dining chairs.

This is what they looked like in the beginning:


Underneath that ORANGE vinyl cushion was this:


Clearly, someone had already ruined these fine chairs before they came into my hands via an Ebay seller in Brooklyn.


So, I took them apart.

Ah, someone else did have the same idea.  But with a little help from IKEA textiles and some black high gloss spray paint, we can fix this.


If only laying new flooring could be so easy.
marriahebed.jpgLast month Mike and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary by going to the NYC Ballet to see Romeo & Juliet and staying an evening at the Hudson Hotel like we did last year. 

At the risk of sounding completely gluttonous, I must say that the absolute best thing about staying at any hotel that doesn't back up to an interstate is the food. Specifically ROOM SERVICE. There is something about paying a devastating amount of money to have someone else prepare my breakfast, wrap it in crisp white linens and deliver it onto my bed where I am nestled in my pajamas. And the TV is on. And there are no cartoons. And the coffee is hot. Oh yeah, and my husband is there.

Even though I was battling an evil head-cold, we had a great time. And not just because of the food, though these pictures show little evidence that I cared of anything else. "Feed a cold", right?

If you ever need me to give you a kidney, just bring me breakfast in bed.


Listen, when you have a kid, enjoying a CD from the first track to the last is a luxury akin to a full body massage, a facial and a perfect pair of jeans. It just doesn't happen every day.

But the Gods must be feeling sorry for me and have allowed me to hear two CDs that I LOVE in the last month. Clearly, unless I want to spend my next life as a personal assistant to the next producer-made pop star with a drug habit, I better share my good fortune.

CD # 1 - Strange Weirdos - Louden Wainright III

I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that this CD includes a song called Grey In LA. Or maybe it's that the songs are inspired by a movie about a guy who goes out with a girl, gets her pregnant and instead of that turning out to be a tragedy, the boy and girl pull their shit together, get to know each other, laugh a lot & fall in love. I'm just sayin'... I feel it.

Sample lyric: 
When it's grey in LA, it's much better that way. It reminds you that this town's so cruel
Yeah, it might feel like fun when you're sportin' sunglasses. But really you're just one more fool

CD # 2 - Sing - Jim Bianco


A few years ago I went to a bar (big surprise) in San Diego with my friend Kelly to see one of her favorite bands, Cat Empire, perform. Jim Bianco was the opener. That night I bought his CD Handsome Devil and I've been secretly hoping he never becomes famous since then. It was only recently when I read his bio that I started to feel guilty about this. Dude will never know the hidden pleasures of being legally bound to a wife and kids if he doesn't ever make enough money to buy some chick a rock. I am one of those romantics who believes musicians don't have to rely solely on drugs addictions to humble them into old age. A good spouse and a couple of kids can do that, easy. Anyway, Bianco has a voice tastier than chocolate. If you are a guy and want to impress women (what man doesn't?) put on Jim Bianco in the car after dinner. And if you are a woman and have forgotten why you like a man in your life, buy a Jim Bianco CD now.

Sample lyric:
bet'em high when they're running low
you never know
you do the best that you can do
brand new shoes brand new dress 
still you look a mess do the
best that you can do
dirty clothes from a bloody nose
it's how it goes
do the best that you can do

God Bless America.

Each morning I start the day withToday Is Pretty.
Maybe you should too.


Feeling Swell

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swellshoest.jpg I have reached a time in my life when teenagers do look ridiculous to me. But the skirts at Ann Taylor look equally absurd. Of course, I reached this point bout five years ago, but I am just now putting it in writing.