Gluttony & Sloth Year II

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marriahebed.jpgLast month Mike and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary by going to the NYC Ballet to see Romeo & Juliet and staying an evening at the Hudson Hotel like we did last year. 

At the risk of sounding completely gluttonous, I must say that the absolute best thing about staying at any hotel that doesn't back up to an interstate is the food. Specifically ROOM SERVICE. There is something about paying a devastating amount of money to have someone else prepare my breakfast, wrap it in crisp white linens and deliver it onto my bed where I am nestled in my pajamas. And the TV is on. And there are no cartoons. And the coffee is hot. Oh yeah, and my husband is there.

Even though I was battling an evil head-cold, we had a great time. And not just because of the food, though these pictures show little evidence that I cared of anything else. "Feed a cold", right?

If you ever need me to give you a kidney, just bring me breakfast in bed.


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