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Not that long ago I started a mini blog called Yellow Love Notes.

I know you will find this hard to believe, if not erie, but I saved most of the love notes I received over the years. I suppose I thought it would give me something to read when I was 80 years old and my hundreds of great nieces and nephews no longer wanted to hang around their spinster aunt because of unbearable cat smell. Alone, I would sit and remember french kissing notes from Alan J and declarations of love in the form of cheap tattered valentines.

I'm thinking now that I may be spared this demise. But now, what to do with the evidence of my lustful youth? Shamelessly share it with you, of course!

I post new notes frequently. But here's a sneak peek:


Feeling Swell

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swellshoest.jpg I have reached a time in my life when teenagers do look ridiculous to me. But the skirts at Ann Taylor look equally absurd. Of course, I reached this point bout five years ago, but I am just now putting it in writing.


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I knew this guy a long time ago named Tony - this small, tweedy Asian guy who had an unwavering, crush on my friend, Candy. He had the dry sense of humor that Hugh Grant cannot even pull. One day we were sitting on Candy's apartment balcony and he sighed and said "So many women, so little time, Penny." 
Now that I'm back on speaking terms with the blogosphere people are asking me what I'm up to. Today when Rabih - a friend from San Diego, asked me via email, I could see my Stickies program windows behind his email on my screen and I could read ecactly what I'm up to. I didn't copy and paste the notes to him because I thought it would be boring.

Then, while reading them again later, I remembered that everyone's life is boring.

El Deleto

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I used wish I had a remote to "Mute" things. Today I was thinking it would be great if I had a DELETE button that I could use on people.