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Days Like This

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Today is one of those days when everyone would be better off if I wasn't the Mommy.

Or the wife, for that matter.

Blogging is the new weed.

weeds.pngI'm serious. I watched my first episode of Weeds last night. I've realized that there are many people who cannot decipher the differences between speaking your mind on a public blog and smoking it up in the parking lot.

Sure, I am careful now about to whom I reveal this blog. That's because you can never trust half the people reading it to give you the benefit of the doubt with the jokes. And you can never count on the other half to call you when you are not joking.

You write exactly what you're thinking? John in Cubicle 33 might read it. My MIL might read this. Yep. She might. But it's my addiction. I'm not hurting anybody. You can't find trouble unless you go looking for it.

Sincerely, you 'aint seen nuthin yet.

ps- Someone once told me I look like a cross between Mary-Louise Parker and Madeline Stowe. Thank you.

On Commets

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santa  & cc.jpgNo,not Comet. Not the reindeer.


All you have to do is click the Anonymous button and type in your name. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need an account here to comment. HOWEVER, if I know you and you want to help me out, you can become a member so that I can put you down as a "Safe" commenter and I won't have to approve your comments via an email notification.

If you would rather I have tried to explain the reindeer part, go here.

Let The Whoring Begin

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It's Black Friday and, as is tradition, I'm hiding in a dark corner, far far away from the malls.

But for those of you who love to shop, I want you to know that I don't expect any presents this year from anyone. You don't need to buy me anything to show your loyalty or the strength of our friendship. Just you coming to this site is enough.

But if you have a problem finding gifts for any of the cool, stylish, eco friendly people in your life, I have some great ideas.

A My Name Is Alice

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We are visiting my sister in Montgomery Alabama this week. She will no doubt be thrilled I posted her 5th grade school photo for you.

Not that long ago I started a mini blog called Yellow Love Notes.

I know you will find this hard to believe, if not erie, but I saved most of the love notes I received over the years. I suppose I thought it would give me something to read when I was 80 years old and my hundreds of great nieces and nephews no longer wanted to hang around their spinster aunt because of unbearable cat smell. Alone, I would sit and remember french kissing notes from Alan J and declarations of love in the form of cheap tattered valentines.

I'm thinking now that I may be spared this demise. But now, what to do with the evidence of my lustful youth? Shamelessly share it with you, of course!

I post new notes frequently. But here's a sneak peek:


Each morning I start the day withToday Is Pretty.
Maybe you should too.


If I Had A Left Nut

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jazz night.jpgHey, look. It's me when I had friends.

There are a lot of people in the world who suck. I am particularly annoyed with the ones I know; but I'm sure you know plenty of this "type" I am about to invite to suck my left nut - if I had a left nut, that is.

I knew it wasn't all in my head.

I grew up in Oklahoma. I now live in NJ.
I've gone from a state where everyone at a four way stop begs the other person to go first,
to a state where everyone races to (and floats through) at a four way stop while giving the bird to all three other drivers.

If I had that DELETE button I spoke of, there wouldn't be many people on the parkway after I was out for a drive.

I took an online quiz to see what religion my beliefs most sync with.

My Results:

1. New Age (100%)
See selected
books about New Age. Â Â Click here for info
2. Neo-Pagan (98%)
See selected
books about Neo-Pagan. Â Â Click here for info
3. New Thought (87%)
See selected
books about New Thought. Â Â Click here for info
4. Mainline - Liberal Christian Protestants (84%)
See selected
books about Mainline - Liberal Christian Protestants. Â Â Click here for info
5. Mahayana Buddhism (83%)
See selected
books about Mahayana Buddhism. Â Â Click here for info
6. Liberal Quakers (82%)
See selected
books about Liberal Quakers. Â Â Click here for info
7. Unitarian Universalism (81%)
See selected
books about Unitarian Universalism. Â Â Click here for info
8. Theravada Buddhism (81%)
See selected
books about Theravada Buddhism. Â Â Click here for info
9. Scientology (73%)
See selected
books about Scientology. Â Â Click here for info
Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (69%)
See selected
books about Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist). Â Â Click here for info

Well, put me in a box and call me crazy! If that doesn't twist your panties, you should see my Presidential Candidate Selector results for 2008.


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aj 0907.jpg

I wish I had the courage to tell my parents, to promise them that little threads of them are sewn into me and my daughter and that I am happy for that.
I wish they could see themselves in my daughter the way I do. Because then they would know that they'll live forever.

Feeling Swell

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swellshoest.jpg I have reached a time in my life when teenagers do look ridiculous to me. But the skirts at Ann Taylor look equally absurd. Of course, I reached this point bout five years ago, but I am just now putting it in writing.


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I knew this guy a long time ago named Tony - this small, tweedy Asian guy who had an unwavering, crush on my friend, Candy. He had the dry sense of humor that Hugh Grant cannot even pull. One day we were sitting on Candy's apartment balcony and he sighed and said "So many women, so little time, Penny." 
Now that I'm back on speaking terms with the blogosphere people are asking me what I'm up to. Today when Rabih - a friend from San Diego, asked me via email, I could see my Stickies program windows behind his email on my screen and I could read ecactly what I'm up to. I didn't copy and paste the notes to him because I thought it would be boring.

Then, while reading them again later, I remembered that everyone's life is boring.

El Deleto

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I used wish I had a remote to "Mute" things. Today I was thinking it would be great if I had a DELETE button that I could use on people.

And Here We Are

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Welcome back, friends, aquaintences, select family and exes.

This will be my new home. A bit empty at the moment, yes. But MJ will be popping in and out from time to time making design changes, spiffing the place up. Meanwhile, I guess I could explain why I have a new internet home and what you can expect in the months to come here at Slow Motion Race.

Slow Motion Race

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If I were to tell you my life story up to this point, you would be amazed and confused at the twists in plot and the diverse characters. You would probably be nice and tell me I am lucky to have seen so much, done so much and been so many places. But secretly, you would wonder how the hell a presumably average girl lived this life. Is it all true? Secretly, you would ponder my mental stability. I don’t blame you.